Joynus Staffing

Bilingual Korean Onsite Control Specialist
Sales & Marketing
Opelika Alabama Direct Hire Dec 2, 2019 Negotiable
  • Check uAttend and ADP system for every employee clocked in/out. Enter that information into the daily attendance report; be sure to account for any new employees that may have reported for those shifts. Once attendance report has been reviewed and approved for accuracy, submit to the client Sales Account Manager.
  • Check to see if any employees that need termination/replacing. always be listening for opportunities to bring more of our team members onsite.
  • Once all employees are accounted for, call any employee who is absent and discuss what their intentions are for returning to work. Communicate with their team leader the details of the conversation and ask for their opinion or ask for their directive (replace, send fill-in, etc.)
  • Log into uAttend and ADP system to check all time from the previous day and see if everyone clock in/out. Remind employees that it is their responsibility to clock in and out. If there is any issue with the system (uAttend and ADP) the employee must notify you asap in order to fix it right away.
  • If an employee missed a punch, contact that employee immediately to determine the correct in/out time. Update uAttend and ADP system accordingly. Again, remind the employee that they are responsible for their time… any issues with missed punches may cause a delay in their paycheck or an issue with incorrect hours on their paycheck.
  • If they are not wearing PPE or proper attire, take corrective actions immediately.
  • You must be proactive in getting replacements! It is very important that you bring it to the HR manager’s attention before he or she brings it to yours.
  • Whether you receive a new order or a replacement, email the Staffing Coordinator with the details of the order, including shift, pay rate, PPE requirements and any special requests by client, etc. Always cc the Sales Manager and Administrative Manager. Be sure to remind the Staffing Coordinator what employee is being replaced so they can contact that individual right away. Always share phone numbers if you have one that the office may not have.
  • Onsite Control Specialists are responsible for handling incident and accident reports including accompanying employees to necessary facilities for treatment, drug/alcohol screening, obtaining incident report(s) from employees and witnesses as well as turning this information into the Administrative Manager asap.
  • Onsite Control Specialists are required to attend Safety Training at the office(s) minimally once per week
  • Weekend and after hours orders: Always be certain to have the most current standby list from the Staffing Coordinators, ask for it if not certain where it is located. Only people who are absolutely ready to go to work will be on it. Calling anyone else in for work is very risky as they may not be completely honest with you if you ask them if they have been prepared for work by our office.


  • Bilingual Korean Must
  • Bachelor's degree (Non-major specific)
  • Strong problem solving ability and sense of responsibility
  • Tech Savvy, comfortable with various technology
  • Ability to work independently and within a team environment
  • Exceptional organization skills and attention to details
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
Salary Range: DOE
  • VISA sponsorship.